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Become a listing star with the winning team at Ray White Cahill in Kardinya

* Be a listing super star with NO COLD CALLING, we generate leads for you
* A professional, well organised and supportive selling team with life balance
* Work with Australasia’s most successful real estate name, Ray White!

Have the career you’ve been dreaming of. Join Ray White office in that will ensure your sales career gets moving immediately with a clear training plan & generating leads for you.

Join our office in Kardinya as a listing agent and work within Australasia’s most successful real estate name, Ray White!


No cold calling!

Yes you read that right. While other offices let you wear yourself out with no existing selling skills or reputation in the market our office has a totally unique approach based on allowing people to specialise in one facet of our sales service offering.

The process of listing, selling and settling homes is a team effort at Ray White Cahill and Associates and we are looking for the lead member for this team. Your role as an agent is to secure the listing and conduct the negotiation for the sale. Because we want you to learn how to perform this part better than anyone else in our market we free you to concentrate on that section from day one.

For our vendors, when the time comes to sell their homes, this means that every stage of the process is handled by a dedicated professional with a clear responsibility for performing their component to the highest standard.

Our office is set up with extensive lead generation processes to create listing opportunities for you. Once the listing is established by you the rest of the sales team swings in to ensure the home is marketed to the highest standards and generate the greatest buyer interest.

Once qualified buyers are identified as the vendor’s agent you will negotiate the sale. This means your attention is at all times focused on the vendor and serving their needs without being over stretched with administrative details or being split between vendor and buyer focus.

Our office

From our immaculate purpose built office at the edge of the Kardinya Shopping Centre we offer a highly professional facility that stands head and shoulders above our competition. These are facilities you can be proud to bring our vendors to and that clearly exhibit our market leadership. It’s also a comfortable well resourced space to work from. We love it.

A family business started by Anne Cahill in 1997 our sales manager; Greg Cahill joined the business in 2000 is committed to working with you to achieve your success as the leader of real estate sales team. Greg’s focus is clearly on his team, having had his time as the star he is not full time listing property himself any longer but is focused on mentoring and training you and each sales team member for success.

Lifestyle and balance

Each of our staff works 5 day weeks with Sundays off plus one day during the week. Given our task separation by speciality we have dedicated buyer focused agents who will run the home opens each weekend for you, allowing you to focus on just the key properties each Saturday to maximise the sales process for each property at the strategic time.

It also means Saturday is not the minefield day for us as it is for the usual Real Estate agent. We can all book holidays with our families knowing that your clients are still being well cared for by the rest of the team for that period and the teams sales success is not being compromised by one member being absent.

Our market – where we love to work

Kardinya is a real estate market that rewards those who can sell. Our market place is solid. We don’t get big market fluctuations driven by external forces. This is a community area where we cater to first home buyers to family homes and prestige properties, a great range of property styles and prices.

Our business understands this local market intimately and continues to respond to all its opportunities. We have positioned our self as the clear property specialist within our community by regularly running information nights using guest speakers who are themselves industry specialists.

This is the stable real estate environment you need to get that career going.

Our training support for you

We take your training needs seriously as we want each member of the team to become their very best. That’s why we utilise the specialist resources of dedicated real estate training companies to match the needs of each person. But however good, hearing it in a classroom is just the first step to using this knowledge effectively yourself.

You will be working directly with Greg while you learn to put into practice the basics of real estate listings. During this early mentoring phase Greg will also assess your natural style and then extend your practical sales experience by tailoring the training process to best compliment your own so that you are able to build on your unique strengths.

This buddy system is an example of our commitment to excellence as a team. While we all enjoy the exhilaration of competition we also want members we can be proud are carrying our name in the market as well as the best of us are. So letting you struggle alone to find your feet is simple not an option with us.

We are committed to growing our business with motivated sales people who want to succeed in life.

If you’re wondering about starting your career in real estate and you want to become a sales professional, we have the knowledge and systems to ensure your success. Join our committed team environment where we will train and mentor you to reach your true potential.


Ray White is both a family business and an iconic household name in Australia and New Zealand, a name synonymous with the real estate industry and related services. Established in 1902 Ray White has evolved into Australasia’s most successful real estate business, with over 1,000 individual offices in Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Ray White is at the leading edge of technology, innovation and market responsiveness, consistent with a network of our size and resources. These are the tools you must have to meet all your clients’ expectations.


We understand it takes time and resources to build a real estate selling career. That’s why we offer a real salary plus a shared bonus system with your team.

We have realistic targets for your first year with us that are balanced between achievement and challenge, and reward you proportionately for exceeding these. We don’t expect you to be a superstar, but if time proves you are then the sky is the limit for earnings with us.

That’s what we offer to the right candidates at Ray White Kardinya and that’s how we will help you build your real estate selling career with us.


We need to know you have the inherent capacity to SELL and the right attitude to join our team.

How can we get an idea of this before you can demonstrate it on the job? The answer is to take our online selling assessment.

So if you’re keen to talk to us about your future, please follow the instructions below.


If you wish to be considered for our team the application process STARTS with registering at the SIP site and completing the SIP assessment. AFTER completing the assessment upload your résumé (CV) and Cover Letter again at the SIP site.

We would like to suggest you tell us a bit about your plans for your career in the Cover Letter as well as specifically what attracts you to us and our industry. Your Résumé will tell us what you have done, SIP will show us what you can do in terms of selling and the cover letter is your chance to tell us about your passions and what you want for your future.

So if you’re keen to talk to us about your future, please follow the instructions below.

Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the questionnaire. Once you have complete the questionnaire please Click on the Upload Resume and Cover letter buttons

We will be in touch. We look forward to you completing the SIP assessment process!

If you have a strong business vision for yourself in Real Estate…
…we have the professional environment to realise your success!

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